Pm60S-100S Smart Smart Asphalt Mixing Plant

PM60S-100S SMART series asphalt mixing plant is designed to meet the demands of budget limit but quality-oriented users. Compare to traditional batch type asphalt mixing plants, the users can get a similar quality mixture by PRIMACH Smart design. It helps users to get a better balance between cost and return. The Smart asphalt mixing plant demands strict control of aggregates size due to there is no screening process on the mixing tower. SMART series asphalt mixing plants produce high-quality asphalt mixture for all grades of road pavement and all sizes of asphalt production.
While inheriting the features of CLASSIC Series,all parts of the Smart Series asphalt mixing plant can fit into 40 feet’ containers. We always consider easy transportation and cost reduction. Installation time is also significantly reduced.

Product Features:

The batch type asphalt mixing plant can produce better quality mixture compare to continuous drum mix plant.

1. Stable performance
SMART series is of good quality and steady performance. Application of high-performance components and special materials from Europe and America. Great working duration on various hardship site conditions.

2. Wide capacity range
We provide full range to satisfied various demands. The specifications of PM60s-100s SMART are from 60 to 105 t/h.

3. Better balance between cost and return
The cost of Smart series asphalt mixing plant is quite lower than Classic batch type asphalt mixing plant.

4. Retrofit
Long life span, convenient for maintenance. Asphalt batch mix plant can be retrofit or expanded.

5. Environmental friendly
Multi-stage dust filtration system (primary volute casing collector +six chamber dust filter+ Watering) assure to the minimal dust emission.

6. Accurate control system
PRIMACH asphalt mixing plant Classic adopts own PLC control system to make sure the accurate operation. With friendly MMI interface, operator can be easy to study and work.

Rated Production Capacity 60t/h 80t/h 105t/h
Cold Feeder Bin 4x4m3 4×6.5m3 4×6.5m3
Dry Drum Size Φ1.2m×5.2m Φ1.5m×6.5m Φ1.8X8m
Dust Collector Double chamber+ Watering  Six chamber dust filter+ Watering  Six chamber dust filter+ Watering
Filter Feed Bagged filler Reclaimed filler Reclaimed filler
Mixer Capacity 700kg 1000kg 1250kg
Control System PLC

● Some specifications / options might not be available in some countries due to local regulations.

● Specifications / options are constantly updated and subject to change.

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