Pm60M-160M Mov Mobile Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant

PM60-160M MOV series asphalt mixing plant is developed, designed, manufactured and put on sale by PRIMACH. It has all the advantages of Classic stationary asphalt mixing plant but with mobile unit. It allows much easier transportation and provide fast relocation solution to customer. The MMI of control system is easy to study and operate. It is also known for its reliability.
PRIMACH asphalt mixing plants are designed for mobility with the lowest possible cost on sea freight and inland transportation. Each asphalt mixing plant could be disassembled, stored and protected in standard sized containers. No matter where the jobsite is, PRIMACH will deliver the asphalt mixing plant on schedule at the lowest possible cost, safety.

Product Features:

The batch type asphalt mixing plant can produce better quality mixture compare to continuous drum mix plant.

1. Mobility for fast relocation
Thanks to the mobile unit, the asphalt mixing plant MOV can be extremely fast relocation. Meanwhile, since the modular design, the plant is easy to assembly at site, Even the plant can restart to mixture within 7 days from erection in the ideal condition.

2. Wide capacity range
We provide full range to satisfied various mobile demands. The specifications of PM60-160 MOV are from 60 to 160t/h.

3. Simple structure with modular design
The mobile asphalt mixing plant has simple structure with modular design, which is easy for users to have a good knowledge of the equipment and operate it.

4. Selected extreme quality components
The all main components adopt anti-weary and heat-resistant materials, which can improve the material performance and service life. Furthermore, PRIMACH select the well-known global brands to ensure the robust quality of asphalt plant.

5. MMI of control system
The MMI of control system is easy to study and operate. It is also known for its reliability. With the fully automation system, the output efficiency is highly increased. This equipment is for quick assembly and low maintenance cost. It’s the best choice for customers.

MODEL-PM Mobile PM60M PM80M PM105M PM120M PM160M
Rated Production Capacity 60t/h 80t/h 105t/h 120t/h 160t/h
Cold Feeder Bin 3×6.5m3 3×6.5m3 3×6.5m3 4 or 5x8m3 4X8m3+6.5m3
Dry Drum Size Φ1.2m×5.2m Φ1.5m×6.5m Φ1.8X8m Φ1.98m×8m Φ2.2m×9m
Dust Collector Primary gravity+ Bag filter
Filter Area 280m2 380m2 420 m2 510 m2 600 m2
Screen 4 4 4 4 or 5 5 or 6
Trailer Quantity(mix tower) 1 2 2 2 2
Trailer Speed ≤70Km/h
Mixer Capacity 700kg 1100kg 1300kg 1500kg 2000kg
Control System PLC

● Some specifications / options might not be available in some countries due to local regulations.

● Specifications / options are constantly updated and subject to change.

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